About Us

Hey Bae,

We are so happy to meet you. Welcome to ARINAE; a mom and two daughters building a dream. The business was established on August 21, 2021 - where we had our very first pop-up boutique and launched our website. 

ARINAE - What does our name mean? Well... if you compile all our middle names together (Arielle, Renae, and Denae), you'll come up with Arinae. It just so happens to also be the scientific name for Parrots, which we found quite comedic and accurate of us when we are all together. 🤪



Shyla Denae (Davis) Mitchell - CMO (Ka-moo)

Shy... trust us, her name does not come anywhere close to matching her personality. She is the life of every party and our true creative! 

Alexa Arielle (Davis) Cole - CFO (Ka-foo)

Lex... the one who keeps money in the bank and keeps the other two from spending it all in one place. She is the brains behind the operation... truly... there wouldn't be a business without her. (@shyla 😉)

Deidre Renae Davis - COO (coo)

Mom is our buyer and stylist. She makes everything look beautiful and can make anyone feel like a million dollars. 


We hope you find something in our shop that is just as unique and beautiful as you are. Most of all, we hope you feel like you are one of us now. Because you are. 


Much Love, 

Dee Dee, Shy, & Lex